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Meet With University Advisors Online & Take Virtual Campus Tours In Innovation

College and Career Center

Should innovators go to a traditional 4-year university? A key question to start with is what do you want to do? Let’s say that you want to learn the plumbing trade and then open your own business, or perhaps become a hairstylist with the goal of eventually opening a salon- specialized vocational training may make more sense. If you want to start a high-tech company, it does help to have studied technology and/or engineering. While not all founders on a tech startup team are engineers, most of the really successful companies have been founded by those with technical competency.


No matter what you intend to do as an innovator, there are key business skills that everyone should study, develop and acquire- including accounting, marketing, data analysis, and more.  This education can be provided by a traditional 4-year college or university, community college, technical school, community-based program, apprenticeship, or on-the-job training. Read More


4-Year Colleges & Universities


The right education can help focus your passion and build up the skills—including social skills— needed to run a business or nonprofit. Our university partners will provide real-time advising, connections to scholarship opportunities, and virtual campus tours.


Community Colleges, 

Technical Schools, & Apprenticeships


All community colleges provide credit courses for associate degree and transfer programs. Most community colleges are also heavily involved in technical training, community service, partnerships with local businesses, and apprenticeship opportunities- all of these can help make connections that can turn into a successful startup.


Programs & Internships


Government agencies and nonprofits provide a range of programs and resources designed to empower and educate business owners every step of the way. 

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