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The Reason Why

NextPitch was created by MOXIE Solutions Development to provide a tool to help support and encourage innovation among youth in grades K-12 and college. We take a three-pronged approach to this work: By encouraging entrepreneurial thinking through pitch competitions that yield cash rewards. By connecting youth and educators to training programs in entrepreneurship and social justice in the arts. And by serving as an advocate for entrepreneurship education and social justice.

We hope that NextPitch competitions spread awareness of the many schools and community-based partner programs that develop innovators. We believe pitch competitions- and the educators who prepare our youth for them- support the fight against poverty by driving innovation and cultivating entrepreneurs who create jobs in their local communities.

We also have hope that all educators will realize their immediate impact on the economy and society as a whole.

NextPitch originated in Kansas City. The competitions and educational resources are also available to youth across the country and around the world. NextPitch competitions are well aligned with the goals of Kauffman Foundation's Real World Learning.

NextPitch: Competition Guidance

NextPitch is where entrepreneurial thinking meets the spirit of competitive sports. The following is how the competitions work:

NextPitch rewards entrepreneurial thinking. All team members receive a certificate of completion verifying their involvement in a shark-tank-style pitch competition. Teams are also encouraged by voters and financial backing. NextPitch backers are not investing in a product- we are investing in our young innovators. Many of our youth rely on the financial support of our backers to have the time and tools needed to identify societal needs and create solutions. Additionally, there are many communities around the world where jobs are not readily available to youth. Our backers help young innovators create solutions that may very well lead to new jobs being created in their community. 

Pitch teams promote their sponsors and educational programs. NextPitch provides space in each pitch entry for two videos or images. This allows the team to promote their sponsor, the educational program that prepared them, or both. When voters watch a pitch, they will also see information about the sponsor and program. In exchange for this promotion, the sponsor agrees to provide financial backing. 

Pitch teams are paid to innovate. NextPitch divides awards evenly among all team members- For information about award disbursement, please review the Innovation Fellow section below. The winning team will receive an additional award that will be announced during the competition. Teams receive the contributions submitted by their backers. Backer contributions are assessed a 5% NextPitch admin fee and 3-8% payment processing fees are added to each transaction. The processing fee range is due to the variety of global locations. NextPitch follows industry standards for creator-friendly funding.

NextPitch identifies members of teams that earn awards as Innovation Fellows. Payments to Innovation Fellows are disbursed as one of the following:

Option 1: A cash award dedicated to project-based learning in the classroom. For classroom or program teams, contributions are sent directly to the school or program. Funds are not paid directly to educators. These funds are often used to bring their idea to life. 


Option 2: A cash award dedicated to supporting an independent team. For independent teams, contributions are sent directly to the members of the team to encourage their continued innovation. These funds are often used to bring their idea to life and teach financial literacy.

NextPitch provides additional benefits to our Innovation Scholars and Fellows. In addition to financial awards, all Scholars and Fellows have access to:

  • A certificate verifying participation in a shark-tank style pitch competition

  • A recommendation letter describing their involvement in innovation

  • Automatic consideration for programs and scholarships from partner colleges and universities

  • No-cost and low-cost college and career resources related to entrepreneurism and social justice

NextPitch accepts submissions from teams that are connected to programs and teams that have decided to work independently. NextPitch encourages teams to participate in educational programs but this participation is not required. Teams that are not connected to educational programs must have an adult sponsor and are encouraged to complete the online introductory course provided by NextPitch. Teams that are connected to educational programs include the educational program as a member that receives a financial contribution equal to that of an additional team member. Awards to educational programs are paid in full and not divided into savings accounts. 

Pitches are honest and clearly presented in 5 minutes or less. All pitches must introduce the team, then identify and define (1) a problem (industrial or societal), (2) a solution for the problem, (3) market size and opportunity, (4) major goals and next steps for your solution, (5) differentiation from the competition, (6) financials, (7) anticipated impact on society, and (8) what you need to move forward and why. Pitches that were developed while working with a NextPitch partner program may follow the partner program's preferred format if approved by the partner program staff. Pitches lasting longer than 5 minutes will not be disqualified.

Pitches are legal, safe, and inoffensive. NextPitch prohibits illegal, potentially dangerous, and offensive messaging in pitches. Offensive material (e.g., hate speech, encouraging violence against others, pornography, promoting discrimination, bigotry, or intolerance towards marginalized groups, weapons, weapon accessories, etc.) is not allowed. Pitches may not promote alcohol or drug use of any kind. Pitches are not to include political fundraising or campaigning.

Pitches are submitted by video. NextPitch encourages all teams to submit videos that are engaging and will grab the attention of backers. Videos should be concise- although videos can be up to 5 minutes long, the shorter the video, the better. NextPitch prefers high-definition videos. Teams should provide videos in the highest resolution possible with clear audio. NextPitch recommends a resolution of at least 1280x720 for a video that has a 16:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of at least 640x480 for a video that has a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Pitch teams in grades K-12 have parent permission to participate. NextPitch requires all team members who are under 18 years old at the time of registration to submit parent permission during the registration process.  



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