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Thank you for teaming up to support innovative youth and educators!

If a team pitch entry ID is not provided, then funds will be used to help connect more youth and educators to NextPitch events and activities. Contributions are non-refundable. 

Awards are divided evenly among all team members or disbursed directly to the program that prepared them. We recommend backing with contributions of $10 or more.

5% NextPitch administrative fee and fund transfer/credit card fees are processed with payouts. The transfer/credit card fees are variable due to the variety of global locations. NextPitch follows industry standards for creator-friendly funding. 

College Savings Accounts. First Dollar Scholarships. Innovation Stipends.

Teams are encouraged by voters and financial backers. NextPitch backers are not investing in a product- we are investing in our young innovators.

Backers support pitch teams by sharing the entry ID with family, friends, coworkers, and community groups. NextPitch provides a pledge tracking form to help spread the word about the teams. Click here to download and share. 

NextPitch divides awards evenly among all team members and identifies members of teams that earn awards as Innovation Fellows. Payments to Innovation Fellows are disbursed as one of the following:

A cash award dedicated to project based learning in the classroom. For classroom or program teams, your contribution will be sent directly to the school or program. Funds are not paid directly to educators. These funds are often used to bring their idea to life. 


A cash award dedicated to supporting an independent team. For independent teams, your contribution will be sent directly to the members of the team to encourage their continued innovation. These funds are often used to bring their idea to life and teach financial literacy.