Teamwork Makes  DREAMS WORK.



Who can be a partner?

Schools, 501(c)3 organizations, faith-based organizations, governmental agencies, and for-profit company departments that help cultivate innovation by supporting pitch teams, educators, or both. Trust is important- NextPitch is selective. We will only partner with organizations that provide educator and student-centered services. Each partner application will undergo a detailed quality review. 

What are the partner benefits?

Partners benefit from:

  • Promotion on the NextPitch website to help educators and youth connect to your program or products.

  • Press releases automatically sent to local news and partner organizations for each pitch event with partner associated teams.

  • Semi-annual newsletters that spread the word about your programs or products are sent to pitch team members and educators. 

  • Your program information will be listed on our team preparation page so they know how you can support teams. (Optional)

  • Your program information will be listed on our educator information page so they know how you can help schools and programs prepare. (Optional)

  • Promotion and fundraising opportunities on each pitch team submission that you support. For more information, visit the Educator Tools page. (Optional)


The cost?

Absolutely FREE to approved partners. We are in this work together. Our goal is to help learners of all ages and innovation supporters connect with programs and schools like yours.

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