The Best Teams Prepare

Prepare wExperts

Many believe that the best way to prepare is by connecting with school and community-based programs. Not only can you gear up for the pitch competitions many of them offer, but you can submit the same pitch to NextPitch competitions. Let these experts help you with your next pitch. Click here for details.

Note: If you are submitting a pitch that an educator helped you create, please give that program a shout-out in your video.

Role Solo

Many pitch teams will prepare on their own.  There are a few steps we recommend for those who choose to role solo:

  1. The internet is your friend. Remember to search the web for articles and videos related to creating a pitch. 

  2. There are entrepreneurs all around you. Remember to reach out to business owners to get startup tips.

  3. There are business classes and student organizations at most high schools and colleges/universities. Remember to connect with educators to get their perspectives on ways to create a winning pitch.

  4. Community-based programs often include resources on their websites. A list of programs is coming soon.

For more videos like these, visit Startland on YouTube.

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Startland facilitates one-day student pitch competitions that introduce students to design thinking and entrepreneurial mentors.

929 students from 33 schools in 20 different districts in Kansas City participated in 2019.