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NextPitch Promotes Community Connections

NextPitch hopes individuals and companies will connect with schools to support innovative youth. Adults who care about our youth- alumni, parent organizations, neighborhood associations, business leaders, fraternities, sororities, philanthropic leaders, faith-based organizations, and other friends- can all sponsor pitch teams with a commitment to back their pitch financially.  Each pitch team determines the amount a sponsor should contribute to be featured with their pitch. Sponsors play a critical role in encouraging educators and youth to think of new ways to make our communities better.

Pitch teams promote their sponsors and educational programs. NextPitch provides space in each pitch entry for two videos or images. This allows the team to promote their sponsor, the educational program that prepared them, or both. When voters watch a pitch, they will also see information about the sponsor and program.  This is not required of sponsors who prefer to remain anonymous. 

Pitch teams identify problems and develop solutions that help communities. The youth involved with pitch competitions are taught how to empathize with others and look at the world with an eye for identifying problems and creating solutions. You can challenge the team you sponsor with a specific question- like, "How can we make our neighborhood an even better place?" Or you can encourage them to develop a solution to any type of problem that peaks their interest.


Need ideas? Click here to view one of our pitch catalogs.

Wondering how to connect?

Sponsors are encouraged to contact their local schools, colleges, universities, and community-based programs directly. If the education provider is not involved with NextPitch just yet, you can be their inspiration and first sponsor connection. 

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