Gear Up At
Community Colleges, Technical Schools, &
Apprenticeship Programs.

Build High-Wage, High-Demand Skills

Community Colleges

All community colleges provide credit courses for associate degree and transfer programs. Most community colleges are also heavily involved in technical training, community service, partnerships with local businesses, and apprenticeship opportunities- all of these can help make connections that can turn into a successful startup.

Many high-wage, high-demand jobs require short-term training at community colleges, technical schools, and apprenticeship programs. These same jobs are often roles that can be easily transitioned to a new business venture for innovative scholars. If you are interested in learning a skill that is in demand, schedule a visit with your local community college.

Apprenticeship Programs- Get Paid Immediately

Apprenticeship is an industry-driven, high-quality career pathway where employers can develop and prepare their future workforce, and individuals can obtain paid work experience, classroom instruction, and a portable, nationally recognized credential.

Through an apprenticeship program, you can obtain paid, relevant work experience while acquiring the skills and credentials that employers value. 94% of apprentices who complete an apprenticeship retain employment, with an average annual salary of $70,000. Learn more about the benefits of apprenticeship for career seekers and prospective apprentices. Learn More


Metropolitan Community College has created an awesome tour to explore Gold Collar Jobs. Gold Collar Jobs have a median wage of $30,000 to $80,000-plus and high local demand. You can begin many Gold Collar careers after just one semester with our job-ready certificates.

During these events, you will have the opportunity to learn about each of these pathways, visit with instructors in the programs and tour their state-of-the-art facility. These are scheduled throughout the year.